To increase conversion rates and average order value.

Bend Soap Company is the nation’s leading goat milk soap brand. Using the Shopify Platform, they sell all-natural products from soap bars and lotions to lip butters and sugar scrubs. ChampKid Design was brought on as a brand and web design expert to help them transform their online presence in order to bump up conversion rates, increase average order value and improve customer retention.

As a young business, we were seeking to develop a great user experience for our customers, many of whom were not tech savvy. We were eager to improve upon what we had and to increase ease of use to help improve conversion rates and average order value."

The challenge was taking a content heavy website and turning it into a sales funnel that would lead customers by the hand from first visit to checkout while still getting all of the information they needed about the product.


Simplifying the online experience for customers with a proven framework.

As a Shopify Partner, ChampKid Design worked closely with Bend Soap Company to wireframe, design and develop a custom theme for their store so they could experience powerful results using the same platform they were familiar with.

”Greg (with ChampKid Design) provided input but also took the input of others and was responsible for crafting the design recommendations. Greg did a terrific job pulling the various perspectives together to provide a solution that met all of our objectives."

This newly customized Shopify theme was built by ChampKid Design to specifically direct online traffic to checkout in the simplest and fastest way possible using proven design methods to accomplish this goal. ChampKid Design also built this custom theme to be “future-proof” so it could be expanded easily with an ever growing business.

"We now have the benefit of working in a far more flexible and customizable template that can be updated as we grow to meet the various design needs of our growing online business," says Tuttle.

"Greg with ChampKid Design has such a positive attitude and keeps pressing forward. He is very knowledgeable in his field and shares his ideas and opinions on what will be the best option while being totally respectful of our ideas!"


36% bump in conversions from previous year, with a stunning 8.76% average conversion rate, and an 800% return on investment within 6 months.

In just the first quarter after the new website launch, Bend Soap Company saw an immediate bump in conversions, average order value and returning customers. Within 6 months, they were averaging a stunning 8.76% conversion rate compared to the industry average of 2.65%. This was a 36% bump from the previous year alone.

”After launching the updated website, we saw immediate results through a bump in our conversion rates and average order value. We now get great feedback from our customers in regard to their online experience with our company,” says Tuttle.

Bend Soap Company also continues to experience ongoing results and a huge return on investment from ChampKid Design’s work for them.

"We have seen over an 800% positive return on investment from our work with ChampKid Design. We are very excited about our strong conversion rates and the bump to our average order value is providing great incremental revenue. We have experienced solid newsletter conversion rates as well. Greg has been a terrific partner and has shown great communication and project management skills through our time working with him."