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We help businesses launch Story Funnel Websites that convert 3x more leads & sales than normal websites.

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Stop losing easy money

Drive more leads

Multiply your income

No web strategy

Every small business deserves a website that is proactively contributing to the growth of their business.

The problem is, most websites...

Fail to tell the persuasive story

Have no strategy or sales funnel

Struggle to bring in quality leads

Look pretty but make no money

Confuse & turn away customers

Leave growth up to chance

We don't build websites that do nothing. We build Story Funnel Websites that remarkably grow businesses.

Story Funnel Websites connect your business to your customer's story and intentionally lead them into a meaningful transaction with you.

Your Story Funnel Website will predictably bring you more leads and more sales without hassle or friction. On average, our customers have tripled their leads and sales, and have collectively earned millions of additional revenue.

Our process to launch a Story Funnel is done in 3 Steps:


Hone In
Your Messaging

It can be hard to know what to say to your visitors. The key is story. We help you with a messaging framework that breaks down objections and persuades visitors you have what they need.


Build Your
Sales Funnel

Most websites lack a strategic sales funnel that leads their visitors into a meaningful transaction. We help you build one that intentionally guides your visitors into becoming customers.


Design Your
User Experience

It's common to settle for template site that lacks personality causing visitors to bounce. We help you launch an aesthetic and trustworthy web experience that customers remember.

Imagine no more friction in getting quality leads

Imagine no more struggling to drive predictable sales

We’ve helped hundreds of clients, from local small businesses to world class companies.

Listen to their transformation stories.

Woman smiling for web design
Woman smiling for web design

“The personality of our brand was lost in our website and it struggled to help new visitors understand why they should try our products. Now we’re very excited about our strong conversion rates and the bump to our average order value that is providing great incremental revenue ($225,000 additional revenue within 6 months)! So far we have seen over an 800% positive return on investment from our work with ChampKid Design!”

Travis Tuttle
CEO, Bend Soap Company

“Everything we originally created was ad-hoc and had no consistency. Our branding was very scattered and frustrating. Then ChampKid Design came in and explained EVERYTHING. This allowed us to focus on long term results instead of creating something that would need to be changed a year from now. The results are exactly what we envisioned. There is a lot of excitement about the brand change and future of our company.”

Amber Hovious
VP of Marketing, Teamwork Commerce

"We could not seem to identify and break through the barrier between us and our customers. We felt like we were treading water, running out of time to pay the bills and had very little business lined up. Greg helped us specifically in identifying our customer and our product with focal clarity, and really got to know our business to help formulate a solid plan. When we used his framework we brought in new customers and gained confidence in our brand. We now see an upward trend and have dialed ourselves in to capitalize on the market in which we are the authority."

Jon Peterson
Cofounder, Peterson Brothers Automation

“I felt like I was trying to move a mountain by myself… then I had several conversations with Greg from ChampKid Design where he asked great questions. He was a great listener and gave his expert opinion while also still collaborating to make sure it’s what we felt comfortable with. Greg offered a real solution on how to set ourselves apart. EVERYONE, consumers and other business owners, all comment on our brand. We’ve been in business for only 8 months and most customers I talked with thought we’d been in business for years.”

Callie Carpenter
Founder, PNW Cookie Company

“There was fear of the unknown. We had no plan in our logo, marketing or website. ChampKid Design spent a lot of time listening to what direction we thought we wanted to go. Greg helped formulate a coherent plan to get us there. We immediately knew we made the right decision upon reviewing his proposal. The results have been satisfying and our return on investment is strong!”

Eric Corder
Founder, Cornerstone NW Inspections

“People had a hard time knowing what our business was or remembering our brand. Obviously, that’s the exact opposite of what we wanted so we reached out to Greg and worked with him. Our business immediately was taken to the next level. We now look more professional and people have more confidence in our work. Plus, we’ve experienced an increase in business! There’s not a thing we would change about our experience working with Greg. It was a great investment and well worth it.

Anna Kerr
Cofounder, Rustic Woodworking

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You will grow your business with a Story Funnel. Period.


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for my clients

Hey, I’m Greg, your expert guide to building a Story Funnel Website that will grow your business.

I know you are the kind of person who wants to be more than just “another” business. You desire to thrive and be the “Go-to Brand” that customers love doing business with. Whether you own a coffee shop, a construction company, or an eCommerce store, or anywhere in between, I know you want to be unstoppable.

In order to be that way, you need a website that's making you tens of thousands of additional revenue every year (at a minimum!)

The problem is, most business websites out there are built to sit around and look pretty, not make money.

I’m on a mission to change that. That’s why I specialize in delivering Story Funnel Websites that help you capture more leads, drive more sales and predictably grow your business. I do all of this with a simple 3 step formula that works for any small business.

So if your business website isn’t producing the results it should be for your business, I know exactly what’s wrong and how you can fix it. It starts by scheduling your free intro call with me so we can talk about it.

Stop missing out on the millions of dollars my clients have collectively earned using my exact process for their website. I promise you I won’t waste your time. I’ll always be honest with you and I’ll show you what’s possible.

Scheduling an Intro Call with me may just be the best 15 minutes you’ll ever set aside for your business.

I hope to talk with you real soon.

Greg Stone

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The fastest and surest way to grow your small business is through your website IF your website is a Story Funnel.  We have a simple three step process that will take your current website and transform it into a sales machine using story and funnels. This will cause your business to experience exponential growth and predictable income. It’s worked for our customers and it will work for you. This video will tell you why.

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Three Easy to Fix Mistakes Most Businesses Make on Their Website (and Why It’s Hurting Their Growth )

A powerful resource you can consume in 20 minutes that gives you actionable steps to improve your online presence and win more customers.


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