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High-performance websites
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ChampKid Design helps your business grow smarter and faster with research driven web design, branding and marketing.

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How many more visitors could your website be converting?

Brand confusion and poor marketing is costing you a lot of money. Potential customers are walking away because they don’t fully understand the value of your product and you’ve given them no compelling reason to trust you. What if you knew how to fix this?

Brand Confusion

What if you could rely on an expert to guide you through a proven framework?

It’s easy to be on the road to no where if your team doesn’t have the experience to know how to reach your customers. Not only are time and resources wasted, you’re also spending money on dead ends. You need someone with experience to guide you into scaling your businesses with a proven framework.

Can you afford to keep guessing? Imagine if…

  • You had a brand strategy that consistently generated new leads and sales.
  • Your website brought in 2x to 4x more revenue this same time next year.
  • Your customer base continued to grow with ease and kept coming back for more.
  • Your customer base became your own marketing workforce that told others to buy from you.
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It’s time to stop guessing start winning more customers.

Let ChampKid Design save time and money by combining research and data with design and marketing to help your business capture more leads, drive more sales and win more customers.


Strategy focused
brand identity that reaches
your target audience.

Using deep audience research and proven design principles, we deliver the brand identity you need to reach your target audience. From logo design to extensive brand implementation, our strategy for your brand will produce real results.

Brand Strategy Smile
Website Success
Web Design

High performance websites that convert your visitors into valuable customers.

There are plenty of designers out there who can build you a beautiful website, but can they guarantee results that actually matter in growing your business? ChampKid Design not only delivers good design, we focus on building you a website that uses a framework to win customers.

GET STARTEDWebsite Success
Email Marketing

Using the power of audience segmentation and machine automation, get ready to launch powerful email marketing campaigns that get more opens and more link clicks. From content creation to creative template design to campaign deployment, we help you shift your customers into a deeper commitment with your brand.

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Sales Funnel

Advanced sales funnels that skyrocket your business growth to full scale.

Let ChampKid Design help you build an advanced sales funnel for your business with a comprehensive plan for taking your audience from first impressions to becoming an invaluable customer. We then help you execute this plan in 3 simple steps:

1 Clarify

Clarify your brand and your target customer base so you’re reaching and selling the right way to the right people.

2 Capture

Capture new leads from micro-targeted audiences using custom built resources to establish your brand as a thought leader.

3 Convert

Build out a fully automated email sequence using a framework that nurtures leads and streamlines conversions.

Powerful Sales Funnel SuccessGet Started Today!

Results don't lie.

Businesses launch forward with ChampKid Design


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average increase in conversions


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average increase in total annual sales


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average increase in returning customers

Featured Case Studies

Bend Soap Company partnered with ChampKid Design to maximize their conversion rates and grow their average order value.

“We're very excited about our strong conversion rates and the bump to our average order value that is providing great incremental revenue. We have seen over an 800% positive return on investment from our work with ChampKid Design!”

Travis Tuttle, CEO of Bend Soap Company

Travis Tuttle, CEO




bump in conversion rate


added revenue in first 6 months after website launch


return on investment in 6 months

PNW Cookie Company partnered with ChampKid Design to generate over 14,000 qualified leads in less than 8 weeks.

“Greg from ChampKid Design does research about your company and your competitors and offers real solutions on how to set yourself apart. We have been in business for 8 months and most customers I talk to think we've been operating for years.”

Callie Carpenter, PNW Cookie Co

Callie Carpenter, Founder




qualified leads in 8 weeks


on-site sign up conversion rate

13 to 1

projected return on investment in 18 months


See why hundreds of businesses trust ChampKid Design

“Far exceeded my expectations in the development of our business website. ChampKid Design's eye for design brings a clean and fresh look to our overall brand. They also made the process quick and simple all along the way from contract, to design, to payment.”

Ben Hansen
Head Supervisor, Fiddlers Coffee

“ChampKid Design did a fantastic job on our logo design! He took my ideas and transformed them into something way better than I could have imagined. If you're looking for a fresh new look to represent your business, look no further.”

Chris Speas
Owner, Content Alive

“Did an amazing job listening to our wants and goals for our brand design. We would recommend ChampKid Design to everyone without hesitation!”

Anna Kerr
Owner, Rustic Grains Woodworking

“Phenomenal to work with! He caught our vision right away, and was able to create the clean, artistic style we imagined. I’m thrilled with how his work is launching our business to the next level. He creates magic, and makes it fun.”

Elisha Voetberg
Owner, Voetberg Music Academy

“Very talented and efficient designer with a good pulse on current design trends. ChampKid Design makes collaborating easy and will help you determine how to get the best results from his work. Your goals are his goals and that is very apparent. I highly recommend for any design needs.”

Jake Hemerling
Serial Entrepreneur

“ChampKid Design has been absolutely great in providing a quality website backed by excellent customer service."

Sam Christensen
Lead Pastor, Calvary North Thurston

“ChampKid Design is professional, creative, knowledgeable, and responsive to the customer's needs. It is great working with him!"

Eric Corder
Owner, Cornerstone Northwest Inspections

"Working with ChampKid Design was a pleasure. He helped lay the ground work for our new website displaying great knowledge for the task at hand. He understands the essence of customer service - grace and patience. Thank you!"

Rhonda Nordstrom
Owner, RHEAL Skincare

ChampKid Design is an exceptional full-service web design business. From creative site to back-end development to constructive consultation, their capabilities run the gamut. They are ultra-responsive, reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with. Can't say enough.”

Dave Pelletier
Director of Sales, Taylor Guitars

"Working with ChampKid Design has been an overall great experience. He makes it simple for the average consumer, like myself. He's able to walk you through the process and explain everything in layman's terms to help us non tech-savvy people to understand what we're getting into."

Joe Voetberg
Owner, Fiddlers Coffee

"We really love the work ChampKid Design does and they are such a valued partner!”

Becky Fuller

“I honestly can't say enough with how pleased I am with his work and would recommend him to anyone. Whatever your design needs are, ChampKid Design is definitely where you want to go to get it done. There is an artist that fuels every aspect of his design process."

Phil Plaza
Owner, Custom Creations Drafting

"Such a positive attitude and keeps pressing forward. He is very knowledgeable in his field and shares his ideas and opinions on what will be the best option while being totally respectful of our wishes and ideas! We love ChampKid Design!"

Dwight Johnson
Owner, Bend Soap Company

“ChampKid Design was professional, prompt and easy to work with. Will definitely come back for future projects.”

Duncan MacDonald
Owner, Deschutes River Manufacturing

“Wonderful to work with and does a fabulous job. Very excited to see our completed projects-we love what we have seen so far!"

Callie Carpenter
Owner, PNW Cookie Co.

"It has been a great experience working with ChampKid Design!"

Darrel Gish
Owner, Morning Star Roasters

"ChampKid Design was a pleasure working with as we started our new business. He was knowledgable, personable, responsive, and very creative. It was truly a privilege working through the process with him."

Lori Corder
Co-founder, Cornerstone Northwest Inspections

Greg Stone of ChampKid Design

About ChampKid Design

Hi, I’m Greg Stone, a Designer + Marketer and the founder of ChampKid Design. The truth is, I love helping businesses big and small succeed. I've partnered with local businesses to some of the nation’s leading brands to help guide them through a proven framework that produces tangible results like winning more customers to significantly growing revenue, and saving thousands of wasted marketing dollars and months of wasted time.  My work ranges from brand consulting to massive brand overhauls and marketing strategies. If your business is in need of help, schedule your free strategy call with me. I know we can work together to build your brand toward success.

Greg Stone
Designer + Marketer
Founder of ChampKid Design

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