The Challenge

Creating a brand that would resonate with musicians and honor the artisan culture.

As a musician and artisan himself, Dave Pelletier started “Gear to the People”, a brand that would keep musicians up to date on the latest gear as well as educate aspiring musicians on how to get started. Coming from decades of musical experience on a professional level, Pelletier wanted his brand to be an opportunity for others to glean from his own experience and knowledge.

The challenge was creating a brand that would resonate with musicians and speak directly to the culture. The brand would also need to be established as a leader in an industry that was already saturated with accessible content. ChampKid Design was invited in to spearhead the brand strategy and brand identity of the Gear to the People brand.

Original sitemap and user flow for Gear to the People's website

The Solution

Designing a logo and brand identity that felt familiar and mature to musicians.

ChampKid Design worked closely with Dave Pelletier to launch Gear to the People with a full branding package, including a new logo, new brand identity and a new website that would feel familiar and authoritative to the target audience.  

The new logo was specifically designed to be memorable, featuring a carefully designed “G” integrated into an iconic guitar shape. The overall brand featured a monotone look with a single color accent (bright turquoise) to boost recognizability and brand recall.

Grungy mockup of Gear to the People's logo design
"Greg really listens and his work reflects this. From his creative site and logo design to back-end development and his constructive consultation, ChampKid Design's capabilities run the gamut,” says Pelletier.

The Success

An effective brand launch that was instantly received by hundreds of high profile musicians.

Gear to the People was immediately received at large by a core network of leading musicians Pelletier was connected to from his former years as President of Gibson Guitars, bringing in hundreds of pre-qualified leads.

Dave Pelletier at photoshoot for new website

From first consultation to brand launch, Pelletier was excited about the immediate results and the future of Gear to the People.

"ChampKid Design is an exceptional full-service web design business. Not just a jack-of-all-trades, Greg is ultra-responsive, reliable and an absolute pleasure to work with. Can’t say enough.”

Though the brand launched with great success, Gear to the People was later discontinued after Pelletier moved onto becoming the Director of Sales at Taylor Guitars.