The Challenge

Developing a brand identity that corresponded with Cornerstone’s unique selling proposition.

Cornerstone Northwest Inspections (CNWI), owned and operated by Eric Corder, offers home-buyers professional home inspections with a new modern twist by combining technology and convenient reporting for the client. Corder needed a brand identity that could clearly communicate his vision and set his business apart as a modern solution in an industry that’s stuck doing things the old way.

"There was a fear for the unknown. I had no plan for a logo, slogan, marketing, SEO, or a website,” says Eric Corder, owner of Cornerstone Northwest Inspections.

The challenge was developing a brand identity for CNWI that would correspond with their unique selling proposition and clearly communicate it to their potential clients.

The Solution

Understanding their unique selling proposition and communicating it effectively to potential clients through good brand design.

ChampKid Design worked closely with Cornerstone Northwest Inspections to understand what was needed for a logo and brand identity that would both communicate their modern solution and build trust with their potential clients.

"ChampKid Design spent a lot of time and listened to what direction we thought we wanted our brand to go. Greg helped formulate a coherent plan to get there. We immediately knew we made the right decision upon reviewing his initial proposal."
New logo design for Cornerstone Northwest Inspections

The Results

Cornerstone Northwest Inspection immediately experienced new leads and closed new sale opportunities with ease.

After we finalized the branding for CNWI, ChampKid Design launched a strategically designed landing page for them to communicate the solution to potential clients and generate new leads for the business. The results were nearly instantaneous.

"The results have been satisfying! Our return on investment has been strong!”
Intentional website design for CNWI to generate leads

Cornerstone Northwest Inspections continues to experience growth through their brand and feels confident of their future as a business.

"We feel very confident in our marketing and branding products. We absolutely love showing them off!”
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