The Challenge

To increase brand recognition and give potential customers a positive first impression.

Rustic Grains Woodworking custom crafts and builds beautiful wood pieces for the home, from simple home decor items all the way to essential furniture for any room. ChampKid Design was brought in as a brand expert to design a whole new identity that their potential customers could resonate with and remember.

Piece in progress from Rustic Grains Woodworking
"People had a hard time knowing what our business was or remembering our brand. Obviously, with trying to grow a business, that’s the opposite of what we wanted!" says Anna Kerr, Co-Founder of Rustic Grains Woodworking

Rustic Grains Woodworking needed a brand identity that would evoke a memorable response to their potential customers and would position their brand as an authority in an industry full of competition.

The Solution

Designing a brand identity that strategically spoke to the industry and the target customer.

ChampKid Design worked closely with Rustic Grains Woodworking to deliver a brand that not only would speak to their target customers, but would also clarify their industry. In order to do this, we carefully designed multiple logo concepts to choose from so Rustic Grains Woodworking could trust their instinct on what would best fit their ideal customers.

”Working with Greg from ChampKid Design was great because he was timely and gave us several options to choose from. When he sent over the logo samples my husband and I were excited seeing our business name actually as a brand and taking it to the next step. We immediately knew this was a great investment and well worth it.”
The approved logo design concept

The Results

An increase in brand recognizability that immediately led to more business, more revenue, and more consumer trust.

Immediately, Rustic Grains Woodworking experienced an increase in business and customer trust; and they continue to thrive as a woodworking brand in the Northwest to this day.

”[Our new brand identity] makes us look more professional and people have more confidence in our work. We’ve had people all over the country see our logo and are intrigued. We have an increase in business as people are able to remember us easier now that they have our logo in mind."