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Case Study: Pacific Outbound Clothing Company

by Greg Stone

Project Scope:

To maximize our understanding of e-commerce and the Shopify platform, we started an apparel company from scratch and nurtured it into rapid success within one year. Our goal was simple, yet difficult: to build a successful brand within 1 year.

Client: Pacific Outbound Clothing Company (created by ChampKid Design)
Sector: E-Commerce, Apparel
Discipline: Brand Identity, Web, SEO, Marketing

Started Small & Getting Big

Pacific Outbound Clothing Company was founded in 2016 to reach an ever growing niche marketing in the Pacific Northwest and exists to make lifestyle clothing products that reach people who love the Great Outdoors. ChampKid Design started this business from scratch in everything, from website design and development, email marketing and Facebook marketing, clothing graphic designs and more. Within a year, ChampKid Design earned Pacific Outbound Clothing Co. a growing customer base and the #1 position on the front page of Google.

The Challenges of Launching a New Brand

Launching a new brand comes with the territory of being the underdog in all fields. Challenges included:

1) Generating excitement and trust around a new company
2) Growing email lists & social media followers
3) Gaining perpetual online visitors
4) Good checkout conversions
5) Digital marketing campaigns
6) A foundational online presence via brand identity

  • Solution:

    ChampKid Design leveraged the Shopify platform to build an online presence as a turn key solution for launch and future growth, including custom design elements, a strong sales funnel and a series of powerful apps to help automate their business.

    From here, we focused on establishing an online presence on Facebook and Instagram to generate excitement about the launch and bring targeted visitors to the website, which we later retargeted with email campaigns and Facebook marketing.

    Finally, ChampKid Design has worked, and currently still does, in optimizing the website for maximum conversions in gaining email subscribers and new customers.

Crazy Awesome Results

ChampKid Design, through our advertising efforts and professional website services, were able to generate frequent and large sales consistently upon launch, placing Pacific Outbound Clothing Company in the top 5% of stores launched at the same time in sales and online traffic.

  • Additionally, within the first year of business we were able to capture data from thousands of new visitors, and hundreds of new and repeating customers, not to mention the thousands of followers gained on social media.

    Finally, within several months, using deep keyword research and search engine optimizations, we were able to place Pacific Outbound Clothing Company on the front page of Google Search in relevant search terms and even surpass competitors who have been in the market for years. We even had competitors ask us how we out ranked them so quickly!

    Our efforts also got Pacific Outbound Clothing Company to be featured in prominent outlets, such as Oregon Explored, the Globe Wanderer and more.

The First 30 Days

  • $2,333

    in sales

  • 3,606

    online visitors

  • 2.38%

    reached checkout

More Results

  • Launch

    Top 5% of Stores

  • SEO

    #1 Search Rank

  • 1,200

    email subscribers

  • 500+

    Customer Accounts

  • 6,700

    Social media

Summary: We've Learned a Ton!

Building a successful brand from scratch has been an absolute blast. It’s exciting to dive into a creative project for the sake of learning and see real results from strategic, professional planning and quality design methods.

Want to see these kinds of results for your business?

About the Author

Greg Stone

Greg Stone

Greg loves a good cup of coffee, the Pacific Northwest and helping small businesses thrive. As a seasoned full stack designer and marketing director he helps small businesses and startups with everything from branding, powerful websites and digital marketing. With a proven track record, he helps them grow, prosper online and establish a standout reputation.

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