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Case Study: Bend Soap Company

by Greg Stone

Project Scope:

An overhaul of the nation’s most recognized goat milk soap brand with updates to their logo, typography, website and marketing efforts.

Client: Bend Soap Company
Sector: E-Commerce, Health & Beauty
Discipline: Brand Identity, Web, Marketing

Overhauling the Brand Identity of a Small Business for Big Results

Bend Soap Company is currently the nation’s leading Goat Milk Soap brand, finding success with tens of thousands of customers and making well over seven figures in annual sales. But it was only a few years ago that they were just getting started. How did a humble family farm business become one of the leading all natural skincare brands in the nation? It started with the dive into a complete brand transformation.

  • The Challenge:

    Bend Soap Company has an absolutely incredible product and a truly compelling story. However, it came to a point when their homemade branding was holding them back and their e-commerce solution was no longer meeting their ever growing needs. That’s when Dwight Johnson, the owner of Bend Soap Company, approached ChampKid Design for a solution.

  • The Solution:

    After my first consultation with Dwight and a little digging into their current branding situation, I quickly realized they needed more than a little tweak to their logo. They were ready for a complete brand overhaul. This overhaul would not only build trust and integrity with new and existing customers, but it would also give their product the ability to shine in the way it deserved. This transformation would include a completely new logo, a modern brand design system, a clean product & package design and a fresh e-commerce website - not to mention a creative reboot for their email campaign efforts.

    I presented this solution to Dwight and needless to say, he was excited and ready to dive in!

"Greg has such a positive attitude and keeps pressing forward. He is very knowledgeable in his field and shares his ideas and opinions on what will be the best option while being totally respectful of our wishes and ideas! We love Champkid Design!"
-Dwight Johnson, CEO of Bend Soap Company

A "Piece by Piece" Approach

Beyond a doubt, the scope of work was going to be a huge undertaking that not only would require a systematic approach and careful planning, but it also needed to stay within budget guidelines at each phase of the project. This was vital in allowing Bend Soap Company to continue operations while getting a piece by piece brand transformation.

Project Outline

Phase 1: New Logo Design
Phase 2: New Brand Identity
Phase 3: New Product & Label Design
Phase 4: New E-Commerce Website

Phase 1: New Logo Design

A Quick Look at Their Old Logos


The biggest thing Bend Soap Company wanted to communicate through their original logo was their focus on “All Natural Skincare”. As you can see in their original logo they did this by using the color green and supplying a “leaf-like” icon in the middle. This was their original logo made in house by someone on the team.

Before (Again):

Bend Soap Company attempted their own logo design refresh with the following design, but it didn’t take. It wasn’t well received by their customer base and it didn’t communicate their values.

Identifying the Best Logo Design to Communicate Their Values

Bend Soap Company wanted a logo that would both pay homage to what their original logo communicated while still being a complete redesign from the ground up. To accomplish this, we went through an extensive discovery process to find out what the best solution would be.

  • Logo Design Guidelines:

    Here are the design guidelines we all agreed would give Bend Soap Company the best logo for their growing business. The new logo needed to:

    1) Showoff the main ingredient of their products: fresh goat’s milk
    2) Emphasize the craftsmanship put into each product
    3) Highlight the all natural integrity of their products
    4) Communicate the “farm to table” delivery of their products

A Look at the "New" Bend Soap Company Logo

  • The Solution:

    With this new logo design, ChampKid Design solved the first challenge in Bend Soap Company’s branding overhaul, which was to give them a high-end professional logo that complimented their product values and ingredients all while holding to the 4 guidelines given for design.

Phase 2: New Brand Identity

Creating a Consistent Brand Experience for a Maturing Company

  • The Challenge:

    The next challenge was clear: We needed to quickly future proof the brand identity of Bend Soap Company. When a company starts to mature at a rapid pace, the brand identity of that company begins to stretch and get watered down. This happens through the never end demands of providing images and graphics for content marketing, social media posts, sponsorships and more. And this was happening to Bend Soap Company.

  • The Solution:

    To solve this problem, we focused on creating a Branding Booklet with clear guidelines on how to represent Bend Soap Company. This Branding Booklet could easily be delivered to team members, vendors and others working on behalf of the company. It included how to use the new Bend Soap Company Logo, what fonts to use and more.

    View Bend Soap Company’s Brand Guide

Phase 3: New Product Design

  • Old Product Labels

    Bend Soap Company’s original solution for branding their products was wrapping them in brown construction paper with lightly printed details and sticking it together with the sticker of their old logo.

  • New Product Labels

    We carefully designed Bend Soap Company’s new labels with a custom cut design that both would highlight their new brand identity and help tell the story of their products. We also took on the task of product photography for their entire product line, including their lotions, scrubs, lip butters and more.

Phase 4: New E-Commerce Website

Challenge After Challenge

The process for launching the new Bend Soap Company website was detailed, exhaustive and well executed. Several major challenges needed to be accomplished before ChampKid Design could launch the new website -

Challenge 1:

We needed to migrate Bend Soap Company to a new e-commerce solution that could meet their ever growing business demands and needs.

Challenge 2:

We needed to maintain good SEO as Bend Soap Company was already ranking extremely well on multiple pages.

Challenge 3:

We needed to build a completely new and better shopping experience that would reflect the new brand identity without confusing existing customers.

Challenge 4:

We needed to seamlessly transition the Bend Soap Team into using a new platform without hiccups or problems in their current production requirements.



Designing Completely New Shopping Experience

ChampKid Design was able to provide a detailed solution for each challenge in the process of getting the new Bend Soap Company website ready for launch.
First, we started by recommending the Shopify Platform as the best solution for the growing needs of the company in being able to track inventory, add new products with ease, track conversion rates and beef up marketing automation.

Second, we worked closely with SEO Experts to ensure no SEO juice would be lost in the transition of launching a new website. We were able to maintain all SEO by auditing and carefully preparing redirects from old links to new links.

Third, we custom designed and developed a whole new experience for Bend Soap Company’s website and the results have been incredible with an average conversion rate of 9% and as high as 15%. To get an idea of how well Bend Soap’s new website is performing, the current industry average is 2.45%.

Last of all, we provided detailed training through tutorial videos and personal customer support during the transition. To this day, we continue to provide assistance, design & development work and other creative services to Bend Soap Company.


  • New

    Logo Design

  • New

    Brand Identity

  • New

    Product Design

  • New

    E-Commerce Website

  • 9.27%

    Avg. Conversion Rate

  • 15.4%

    Peak Conversion Rate

  • 1,400

    Avg. Daily Traffic

  • 25K

    Active Customers

  • 36.64%

    email open rate

  • 11.89%

    email click rate

  • 2x

    industry open rate

  • 3x

    industry click rate

Summary: We're Just Getting Started

The truth? This is only the beginning. There’s still so much more to come as ChampKid Design continues to work closely with Bend Soap Company for their brand needs. But for now, Bend Soap Company is sky rocketing as one of the most successful Health & Beauty brands on the marketing with the help of a completely new brand identity and shopping experience for their customers’ enjoyment.

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