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Portfolio: Fiddlers Coffee

by Greg Stone

Project Scope

Fiddlers Coffee is a successful coffee-shop chain in northwestern Washington, located between Seattle and Portland. We completely redesigned and developed the Fiddlers Coffee website from the ground up with a fresh user interface and an intuitive user experience.

Client: Fiddlers Coffee
Sector: Small Business, Food
Discipline: UI Design, Web

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"ChampKid Design has far exceeded my expectations in the development of our business website. Greg's eye for design brings a clean and fresh look to our overall brand. He also made the process quick and simple all along the way from contract, to design, to payment."
-Ben Hansen, Supervisor

"Working with ChampKid Design has been an overall great experience. He makes it simple for the average consumer, like myself. Payment is easy with online pay and invoices sent to your email. He's able to walk you through the process and explain everything in layman's terms to help us non tech-savvy people to understand what we're getting into."
- Joe Voetberg, Owner

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About the Author

Greg Stone

Greg Stone

Greg loves a good cup of coffee, the Pacific Northwest and helping small businesses thrive. As a seasoned full stack designer and marketing director he helps small businesses and startups with everything from branding, powerful websites and digital marketing. With a proven track record, he helps them grow, prosper online and establish a standout reputation.

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