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A Serif Font You Should Consider For Your Font Library

by Greg Stone

Serifs have always had their place in the reading world. Though we may no longer consider them “modern”, they are technically always so. A well designed serif font is timeless. For us, there is one serif font in particular that we are fond of. It has found its place in many of our designs, websites and prototypes. It’s titled “Hoefler Text”.

Hoefler Text, of course, has similar qualities to any Roman style font. But the one thing that makes Hoefler stand out the most is its rounded wide letters with the perfect accent of thickness. In the example below you can see just how it compares to other serif fonts.

As you can tell, while Times is much more compressed and PT is far more rigid, Hoefler is round and soft on the eyes.

Here’s the question, “What is it that makes Hoefler that much more attractive?” Can a font’s beauty boil down to letter spacing and roundness? Well… yeah. While we may not consciously pick up on the small details in the fonts we look at, our eyes definitely process them. It’s these details that seem to make Hoefler stand out. Take a look at the close up image of the Hoefler Text below:

As you can see, there are no jagged or sharp edges. Every corner is rounded off, and every possible flat line (like the bottom of the “m”) has a small roundness applied to it as well.

Now let’s look more closely at Times, and I’m sure you’ll immediately see the difference. Times is sharp and flat. It has an edge to it. It rarely uses rounding, except where necessary. See the following image.

PT is similar to Times, in that it has a lot of edge to it but it differs in that there are a little more curvature applied.

Here’s all three fonts lined up in a close up, the first one being Hoefler.

Hoefler Text is an incredible font to use as a heading on your website or as a reading font for your blog. It also blends well with the Gotham font, as we’ve used them many times together. Below is a site we designed and developed for a heavy equipment company using both Hoefler and Gotham. Hoefler is the main heading font and Gotham is the main reading font.

Here are a few pros and cons about the Hoefler Text Font:
1) Aesthetic: When it comes to the pure beauty of a serif font, Hoefler is up there for the gold prize.
2) Readable: Whether you are using Hoefler as the heading or as the paragraph, it works well and is super easy to read. Your eyes don’t get tired of it.
3) Timeless: As with all good fonts, Hoefler is a timeless font. It will continue to be a good font even as trends come and go.

1) Required License: The Hoefler Text font license is sold by Hoefler & Co. (imagine that) at
2) Costly: The font itself will cost you several hundred dollars alone to own, per computer or a monthly subscription indefinitely.

Bottomline: Depending on your tastes, it may be totally worth it to skip the Google fonts and pay out a little money to get your hands on a great, timeless and beautiful serif.

About the Author

Greg Stone

Greg Stone

Greg loves a good cup of coffee, the Pacific Northwest and helping small businesses thrive. As a seasoned full stack designer and marketing director he helps small businesses and startups with everything from branding, powerful websites and digital marketing. With a proven track record, he helps them grow, prosper online and establish a standout reputation.

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