Did you know that customers don’t actually care about your brand?

Ouch, that’s harsh!

Customers make purchasing decisions, not based on how decorated your brand is or even how many features your product may boast. Rather, customers make a purchasing decision based on the amount of value your brand brings to their lives.

Brands often take a wrong turn when they attempt to win customers by talking too much about themselves.

Here’s a news flash for ya: Customers don’t want you to talk about your brand! They want you to talk about them.

Not long ago I kept seeing this persistent ad pop up on my Facebook feed. It was advertising some brand new social media management platform, but the ad itself was terrible. It read something like “10 reasons why our product is awesome!” and presumably it linked out to a blog post that would divulge you about how great they were.

I would bet all the money in my bank that this ad performed horribly for one reason, and one reason only. It was all about the brand and nothing about the customer. Some marketer out there was getting paid big bucks only to waste this company’s precious money.

I guarantee if they had just focused on an ad that talked about the customer it would have easily performed 3 times, 4 times, even 10 times better than what they had.

Savvy brands understand this. They know what their customers really want from a brand and it’s not a product or a brand centered message.

To customers, your brand is only an avenue for them to get something much more valuable.

If you’re not an avenue, you’re an obstacle.

In this article, I want to teach you 3 things customers actually want from your brand and — spoiler alert — it’s not the product you’re selling.

If you can communicate these 3 things to your customers through your product, you will experience more customer loyalty and an uptick in customer retention.

So grab a pen and paper real quick and jot these 3 things down. They are game changers!

1. Customers want your brand to solve a problem in their lives.

Problem Solving at ChampKid Design

At the end of the day, your brand has one job. That job is to solve at least one problem for your customers.

If you’re not fixing something for your customers then they’re hardly going to consider laying down their hard earned cash for your product.

Customers respond to solutions because solutions are invaluable to their lives.

The truth is, your brand was probably built around solving a specific problem. Thankfully, because of this, it’s rather easy to identify what problem you’re solving. But that’s pointless if you’re not communicating this to your customers.

Imagine with me that you’re selling a budgeting app. If a prospective customer lands on your website and all you communicate to them is what functionalities your app has then you’re missing a golden opportunity to win that person over as a customer.

They won’t care.   

Instead, let’s say you tell your customers that your app helps the average user save over $300 a month!

Now you’re talking!

What if you went on to tell them what awesome new things they could do with that extra $300? That’s a solution people can get on board with.

So if you want to win more customers, start by communicating how you plan to solve one of their problems. It will win you far more customers than talking about yourself.

2. Customers want your brand to help them live a better life.

Help customers | ChampKid Design

To your customers, your brand exists to help them become something bigger… something better.

Whether it’s to help them become more efficient at something or to help them become more confident in a certain area or even to give them a sense of peace about something they’re concerned about.

In any case, customers should be able to imagine themselves being someone better with your product by their side.

There’s something we can learn from mainstream commercials we see on television. These large companies fork out millions of dollars for a 30-second glimpse of their product.

How is this even effective? I’ll tell you how.

The next time the commercials come on I want you to notice how the agenda for the entire commercial is to get you to imagine yourself living a better life with their product.

Car commercials do this.
Coke commercials do this.
Insurance commercials do this.
Smartphone commercials do this.
All product commercials do this.

They all use this exact same strategy because they’re smart and because it works. Customers want to see themselves living a better life and if you can get them to see that with your product as the catalyst, even for just a few seconds — BINGO — you’ve just won!

A few years ago I tested this concept myself. I had started my own e-commerce apparel shop as a side project to develop case studies and do some real-life testing on how customers would respond to various brand and marketing strategies. In one of my studies, I tested the imagery.

For the first several months I only displayed plain mockups with no people in the photographs. My conversion rates were just barely average.

But then, I brought on brand ambassadors who took lifestyle photos of people wearing my shirts doing normal everyday things with a smile.

My conversion rates shot up significantly!


Because those photos gave my prospective customers a glimpse of a better lifestyle with my apparel on.

Make this a priority to do this week for your business:

Find at least one way you can give your customers a glimpse of a better life with your product.

It could be swapping out photos like I did.

It could be changing around the content on your website or advertising.

Whatever you do, show your customers who they can become with you.

3. Customers want your brand to guide them by the hand.

Guide customers | ChampKid Design

Every single customer wants assurances that before they pay for your product they know exactly what to expect.

They also want to know that after they pay they will have everything they need to take full advantage of the purchase.

What they really want is to be guided step by step from pre-purchase to post-purchase.

You and I both know it’s hard to pay for anything that doesn’t have a clear plan, whether it’s $5 a $1,000.

Clear instructions and guidance give customers confidence and, more importantly, the faith to buy from you. Without it, you’re practically asking customers to shoot in the dark which not many will do — especially if you’re selling something at a premium price.

Here’s a quick piece of advice: Website visitors are lazy!

They don’t want to guess. They don’t want to feel lost. They don’t want to figure it out. As soon as they feel this way they’re gone! They want to be led by the hand and told what to do next.

Besides, it’s not their job to figure it out how to get from point A to point B — it’s your job.

If you implement this kind of thinking into your brand you will almost always keep your conversion rates above average.

In my experience, one of the biggest areas that businesses need to provide more instruction is usually on their website.

Your online presence is almost always the central hub that broadcasts your brand. Because of this, I recommend taking the time to look over your website from your customer’s perspective and patch up holes that give visitors an excuse to leave.

You might even find a few unbiased friends to take a look at your website and see if they understand how to get to where you want them to go.

One of the best ways to lead traffic is by simply using a clear “call to action” button to take the user to the next step. You might also provide a step by step plan or guarantee on what to expect as they move forward.

Over to you.

What if you spent the next few hours revamping the content on your website to tell users what they really want to know from your brand?

What kind of results you could experience if customers knew what problem you were solving for them and how your product could make their life better?

How many more conversion could you be landing if your customers had a step by step plan from pre-purchase to post-purchase?

There’s only one way to find out. It’s up to you now.